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We're looking for guest post writers for our blog! We will guest post for you if you guest post for us. Get in touch TODAY!


Video Sales Letters – The Most Effective Way To Sell Online!

If you have a product or service to market, there almost is no better way to do it than with a VSL. Video content gets the best response rate, and is the most likely form of marketing that will bring you new customers.

At Tanda Copywriting we can take care of the entire VSL creation process for you. However, we specialize in preparing the scripts, creating the graphic elements & animations that will be used and the entire video editing process.

We also collaborate with trusted voice actors to ensure that when we record VSLs for our clients the presenter’s voice is professional and meets whatever speaking style was agreed to previously.

However, if you’d like to record your own VSL based on our script that is also fine with us – we can then edit the footage for you to make it sure it comes out perfect!

Our expert graphic designers and video editors have extensive experience in providing the required graphic elements and animations that integrate smoothly with the theme of the script.

It’s best to discuss your individual situation with us, as there can be a lot of variety in potential options for VSLs – and what will work best depends to a large extent on your industry and target customers.

Read this blog post to find out more about the data proving the effectiveness of VSLs. (hyperlink).

What Makes Our Video Sales Letters Unique?

  • The Best Sales Method For Your Product or Service!
  • We Take Care Of The Process From A To Z
  • All Our VSL Scripts Are Written By Expert Copywriters
  • Professional Video Editing And Animations Included
  • Access To The Right Voice Actors
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Reasons To Work With Tanda Copywriting

Content That Earns For You

Design Elements Included

Quick Project Completion

Marketing Consultancy

Professional Copywriters

Full Project Management

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Multiple Revisions

Why Choose Tanda Copywriting’s Video Sales Letters?

Here at Tanda Copywriting we have experience managing the whole Video Sales Letter creation process, from A to Z. With us, you can get all the work done in one place!

We only work with native copywriters, who we make sure are trained in the use of the latest & most effective persuasion techniques. This ensures that you get video scripts which help persuade the largest number of customers for you.

Tanda Copywriting collaborates with professional web designers, and video editors & animators to ensure that the visuals that come with the copy enhance your message.

If you want, we even record the audio for the video for you! We collaborate only with the right voice actors, whose style and voice fits with your message and speaks most directly to your target customers.
So why not order your Tanda Copywriting VSL today, and see your business’s sales skyrocket?

Why Not Order Your Video Sales Letter (VSL) Right Now?