We're looking for guest post writers for our blog! We will guest post for you if you guest post for us. Get in touch TODAY!
We're looking for guest post writers for our blog! We will guest post for you if you guest post for us. Get in touch TODAY!


Email Marketing To Grow Your Business!

Having a well-thought out email marketing campaign is an essential element of your sales funnel. Email marketing helps keep a continuous pipeline of ready leads, helps nurture them into customers, and allows you to easily upsell, cross-sell and market to your previous customers!

Email marketing is one of the BEST ways to grow your online business. In this day and age the internet is hypercompetitive, and your business simply cannot afford to be without a solid email marketing campaign.

Here at Tanda Copywriting we’ve watched the drastic increase in sales & revenue that our clients have achieved once they’ve implement our emails & strategy.

It is important to make sure that you have automated email series ready for different aspects of your website, such as subscribers’ list, order cart, contact forms and so on. Doing so enables you to make sure that you don’t miss any potential customers!

What You Get With Our Email Marketing Series?

  • Get More Leads
  • Nurture Existing Leads Into Customers
  • Upsell, Cross-Sell & Market To Previous Customers
  • Grow Your Revenue
  • Design Elements Included
  • Both Simple And HTML Emails
  • All Our Emails Come With Implementation Guidelines
  • Qualified native copywriters that are hand-picked and verified by us
  • Quick turnaround
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Reasons To Work With Tanda Copywriting

Content That Earns For You

Design Elements Included

Quick Project Completion

Marketing Consultancy

Professional Copywriters

Full Project Management

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Multiple Revisions

Why Choose Tanda Copywriting’s Email Marketing Series?

Based on our extensive knowledge and years of testing we’ve developed a solid understanding of what it takes to craft successful email marketing campaigns.

Starting from the attention grabbing subject line which ensures a high opening-rate to the carefully made copy that convinces the reader to take the action you desire, we can do it all.

And with us, you don’t just get email copy. You get a well-thought out email-marketing series that works with your existing sales funnel, combined with crystal clear implementation guidelines. We’re always available to make sure that you get the most out of our emails!

With our email marketing services you can get more leads for your business, help nurture more leads into customers and even upsell, cross-sell and market to your previous customers.

We only use qualified copywriters that are handpicked and verified by us – this ensures that your emails get some of the most persuasive & irresistible copy possible!

Depending on your needs, we can design both HTML emails and simple text ones. We even take care of graphic design elements that your emails may need – from selecting the pictures, to producing icons, fonts, and anything else that may be necessary!

Tanda Copywriting is the COMPLETE email marketing service. Why don’t you order your emails today?

Why Not Order Your Email Marketing Series Right Now?