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Learn How To CREATE 6-FIGURE SALES FUNNELS In 3 Months Or Less!

We've built high-converting funnels for Inc. 500 entrepreneurs. Funnels which have generated 6+ figures for their owners. And now we're sharing our secrets. Why?

After receiving many requests for work from people who cannot afford to hire us, we've decided to pack our knowledge inside this ebook and show you how to do it YOURSELF - without paying us 7-8K for a funnel!

*Pay just $197.99 $97 and you'll have access to all the knowledge you need to build your high converting funnel for FREE!

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Direct Response Agency Spills The Beans...


We've built high-converting funnels for Inc. 500 entrepreneurs. Funnels which have generated 6+ figures for their owners. And now we're sharing our secrets. Why?

After receiving many requests for work from people who cannot afford to hire us, we've decided to pack our knowledge inside this ebook and show you how to do it YOURSELF - without paying us 7-8K for a funnel!

Your price: $197.99 $97 and you'll have access to all the knowledge you need to build your high converting funnel for FREE!

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A 6-Figure Sales Funnel Can Be Your Ticket To Financial Independence: We Show You The System We've Used Repeatedly To Create 6-Figure Funnels For Inc. 500 Entrepreneurs

If you're looking to make it online with FEW RESOURCES on-hand you're in the right place.  

Because here's a fact: it doesn't take a lot of capital to make 6-figures if you have the knowledge and you apply it.  

And here's another fact: you don't need to pay some agency to build you a funnel when you're just starting out.  

We'll help you BUILD A HIGH CONVERTING funnel... using PROVEN strategies that we've used to create 6-FIGURE FUNNELS BEFORE... WITHOUT having to pay us $1000s to build it for you.  

That's right.  

We'll show you the same process we use to build funnels for high-powered entrepreneurs - the same process you can apply by yourself to literarily create a money-making machine (that's what a funnel can be!) for yourself.  

And yes - it is possible to make 6-figures in 3 months or less - we've done it for MANY of our clients!  

All it takes is commitment and application.

So, Are You Committed?

If you want to make it, you better be. Financial independence can be yours if you're willing to do one thing: put in the work. 

"If Information Really Was The Answer Then We'd All Be Billionaires With Perfect Abs" - Derek Sivers

We'll give you the information and knowledge that you need. But it remains up to you to apply it and milk it to draw out gold out of it.  

Without taking MASSIVE ACTION you won't make the earnings you desire. Let this be a WARNING to you. If you don't want to commit 100% to seeing this work and implementing the techniques you discover inside, then you can hit the back button because most likely this offer isn't for you!

Still here?  

Fantastic, you're most likely a winner and building a winning funnel is already within your reach once you have DECIDED to be committed to getting this done. 

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What This eBook Is About?

Why Should You Trust Us?

We're a leading Direct Response Marketing agency with a plethora of international clients. We've worked for Inc. 500 entrepreneurs, 6 and 7-figure eCommerce sellers, dropshippers, affiliates, and leading coaches doing what we're about to reveal inside this eBook.

But That's Not Why You Should Trust Us!

We deserve your trust because:

  • We have a proven track record of success using this 5-step process - time and time again. We'll show you solid proof in a bit...
  • We give you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - either you get the eBook and start implementing and see how valuable it is, or you get your money back - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We believe in mutual trust - we trust that you appreciate our kindness and will not request a refund unless the system really doesn't work for you.
  • We are committed to seeing you succeed: that's why we offer a FREE strategy session (usually worth $500) to anyone who buys the eBook - we can help you sort out whatever problem stands in your way to financial independence and business success.
  • Our mission is to empower as many people as possible to create as much value as possible through the internet and make millions in the process.
  • You can SEE for yourself the kind of results we've obtained using funnels built upon the principles shared inside... So take a look at the section below...

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee - You've Got Nothing To Lose!

If You Buy This eBook, And Find It's Not Valuable In The Next 30 Days, We'll Give You 100% Money-Back - That's How Much We Believe This Information Can Help You Take Your Income To The Next Level!

Finally... A System For Building High Converting Funnels With PROVEN Results For eCommerce Sellers, Dropshippers, Affiliate, Coaches And Anyone Else:

How would you feel to start making $50K after your first two months? To learn the 5-Step process we've used to build 6-figure funnels, grab this eBook and start applying everything inside with diligence.  

It's this process of commitment and application that is REALLY going to make the difference for you.This is what can make you rich.

NOW REVEALED: The 5-Step Process We've Used To Repeatedly Create High-Converting 6-Figure Sales Funnels

Ever wanted to know the 5 steps you need to create a high-converting sales funnel? 

A little insider tip first: 4 out of the 5 steps have nothing to do with actually building the funnel!  

That's right. If you thought the secrets of a high-converting funnel are visible just from the funnel itself, then you're WRONG.  

Most of the work that creates success remains invisible.  

Here's our process:  


Let's Go!

STEP 1: Get Inside The Minds of Your Prospects and Uncover Their Hidden Desires, Frustrations and Pain-Points

Successful marketing and entrepreneurship starts with uncovering needs and then fulfilling them. And guess what? Building a high-converting funnel starts with the SAME THING.  

When you grab the eBook you'll see EXACTLY what we do to get inside the minds of our prospects and find out what needs they have that the competition isn't addressing.  

Don't YOU want to find out what NEED or PROBLEM you can solve that people are actually going to pay for? Think about it... how much would you be willing to pay just for that?  

Without targeting real needs, you won't have a market to market to. In fact, answer this question:  

Have You Ever Tried To Sell An Offer, Only To Find That Nobody Was Pulling Their Wallet Out?

If you answered yes, then the likely cause is that your offer did NOT correctly target a need.  

In fact, you may already have an offer like this. You're likely thinking "oh gosh, all this wasted time and effort!" -  

BUT DON'T WORRY - because even if you have an offer that does NOT target a real need or pain-point we'll show you how to spin it so that it does!

That's what chapter two is all about:  

STEP 2: Crafting a Killer Offer That Draws Customers Away From The Competition Like A Magnet Draws Iron Fillings Even If You Don't Yet Have One

When you go fishing you need tasty worms to attract the fish. Even if you go to the right fishing place (and that's what STEP I is all about, going to where there is an actual need), if you don't have an attractive meal, you won't catch any fish. 

But if you do, then you can put the hook through one of those tasty worms, throw it in the water, and like magic the fishes come in droves. It's the same with your customers.  

In order for your sales funnel to actually SELL you need to develop killer offers that actually get your customers to overcome their INTERTIA and start TAKING ACTION.  

Because here's ANOTHER LITTLE SECRET :) - when your customers take action and they are pleasantly rewarded, their trust in you grows. And the more they trust you, the more money they'll throw down your path.  

To develop this killer offer that actually SELLS you need to actually put out something that is BETTER than what your competitors are offering. 

Think about it.  

If you're a fisherman and you go to where all the fishes are, then you'll likely encounter many other fishermen around the same area. Why would the fishes come to you and not to them? How can you pull them away?  

You need a very enticing and delicious food for the fishes - food that is better than what your competitors have to offer. 

Luckily for you, since you have identified HIDDEN desires and frustrations in STEP I and we'll show you how to analyse your competition in this step (how to see what ads they're running, their landing pages, and more!) you'll be able to craft an offer that is 10x better!  

And here's another insider tip: it's best if your first offer is FREE

Think about it.

Your customers don't trust you yet. 

If you were in their shoes, and just landed down on this sales page from a brand you never heard of, who doesn't yet have any reviews, would you buy? Probably not - you want to see proof that there is value in there before you flip out your wallet and enter your credit card details.  

So what's the best way to do this? Enter LEAD MAGNETS!  

We'll show you everything from the type of lead magnets you can choose to the considerations you need to take when choosing the optimal one for you.  

The lead magnet will help you target a pain-point that your competition isn't addressing and you'll start pulling in their customers... and you'll be able to start building a high-converting funnel...

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But before that...  

What's the next step?  

It's the juiciest one of all...

STEP 3: Choosing The Right Funnel Structure For Your Product Or Service And Building High-Converting Landing Pages To Start Raking In The Money

You've done the hard work of identifying needs, analyzing your competition, identifying gaps in the market, and crafting killer offers that will irresistibly attract your customers.  

This step is all about actually putting all this together and building up your funnel. We'll reveal the types of funnel you should consider, and how each funnel needs to be structured.  

You'll learn to build product launch funnels, webinar funnels, multiple offer funnels, consultation funnels and more...  

And here's yet another inside tip: choosing the RIGHT funnel structure is absolutely critical to your success.

If you pick a funnel that doesn't match well with the lead magnet you've chosen, with your niche, and with the rest of your offers, you WILL fail. Guaranteed.

Here's the thing with funnels - the thing nobody is telling you about.

If ONE of those 5 steps that go into making a funnel goes awry your earnings will EXPONENTIALLY decrease. If a single small piece of the puzzle doesn't fit, then you won't have a high-converting funnel.  

So it's super important to get absolutely everything right.  

And that's why we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each funnel structure, and the considerations you need to keep in mind while picking one. By the end, it will be crystal clear which funnel structure is BEST for your own particular situation.  

Once you have chosen a funnel structure, we go into LANDING & SALES pages - they are the KEY to any high-converting funnel.

In fact, to help you out we'll give you OUR BLUEPRINT for creating high-converting landing pages. We literarily lay out all the sections that your landing page must contain, and then using the information you have acquired in Steps I and II you can proceed to follow our structure and build your own top converting landing and sales pages to populate your funnel.  

And that's not all.  

We also give you an overview of the BEST tools available for building funnels, even if you have a low budget. We lay out all the options, and make recommendations based on our experience.  

And STILL... that's not all!!!  

We also provide you DISCOUNTS to some key providers that can help you build a funnel even cheaper than before.  

Doesn't THAT sound like a fantastic deal? Think about how much value you're ALREADY getting, and we're just on Step 3...

So, What's Next?

You've got your customer needs and frustrations figured out, you've analyzed your competition, you've identified gaps in the market, using a lead magnet you have crafted a killer offer that is guaranteed to pull customers away from your competitors and you've set up your funnel to give out the lead magnet and follow up with your sales pages... all of them high-converting...  

Next up...

STEP 4: Driving Highly Targetted Traffic To Your Funnel!

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Without being able to drive the RIGHT PEOPLE to your funnel, you won't be able to make any dough.  

And if you get the wrong people to your funnel... well then, you won't be making ANY sales. It's super critical to be able to drive the RIGHT traffic to your funnel.

And we'll go in-depth in the fastest way to drive traffic: paid advertising.

It all starts with choosing the right advertising channel for your industry or niche.  

Because once again, if you get this wrong, you'll be wasting money with no results. And nobody wants to do that...  

So we'll show you exactly how to choose between advertising on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and advertising on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). You'll learn which channels tend to be better for different kinds of businesses so that you'll be able to make the BEST choice for your business.

Then we'll teach you the principles of running successful advertising (and by that we mean advertising that can get you 2:1+ ROI), whether through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or Bing Ads.  

And here's the biggie: we'll show you the ONE strategy that shows you how to scale your advertising budget only once you've perfected your ads. That's right, with this strategy, you won't be wasting money to perfect your advertising system.

We show you how we do it for clients, and how you can do it too.  

You'll also learn all about A/B testing different ad sets, and all the techniques we use to A/B test headlines, creatives, and much more. It's going to be your complete guide to tested advertising principles that you can use to drive traffic to your business.  

And that's not all... we left out the most important bit...  

What is it?

We also show you how to TARGET the right people. We help you go back to the Buyer's Persona that we have you craft at the end of Step I and teach you how to target exactly these IDEAL CUSTOMERS.  

Word in the advertising industry has it that only 3% of customers are BUYING NOW.  

Well, we'll show you how to get your ads to go to this 3% only so that you're not wasting your budget sending ads to people who aren't going to buy anyway.

Think about much is this insight alone going to save you? It may save you $1000s in advertising budget that would otherwise go to waste... and how much can it make you? MUCH MUCH MORE!  

So where are we now? We've identified needs and frustrations, we've had a look at the competition, we developed an offer that is 10x better than theirs along with a free lead magnet to pull people in, we've set up a high converting funnel along with the super persuasive landing & sales pages, and we've started driving the RIGHT kind of traffic to it.  

So congratulations! By this point, money should already start pouring in.

We've made six-figures for clients just on the frontend... but we're still leaving money on the table at this point...


The next step handles it.

STEP 5: Set Up Automated Email Marketing To Take Up All The Money On The Table On The Backend & Significantly Increase Your ROI

There it is! While it's entirely possible to make significant money just on the front-end, in order to really increase your profit margin you need to complement your front-end marketing through your sales funnel with backend marketing through email.

In fact, many DROPSHIPPERS we worked with were just breaking even on the frontend... it is only when we added the backend into play that they really reached up to those desired profit margins of 50%+... And when people say there is no money to be made in dropshipping these days... HOW WRONG THEY ARE - if only they knew these strategies!  

With the right email marketing tactics, it won't be long until your email list becomes GOLD. These people who have bought from you in the past - they trust you already. They will buy your future products, if only you market it to them. So it's that simple really.  

But in order to get there, it all starts with understanding the right principles for email marketing and how to set up the campaigns your sales funnel needs.

We'll teach you about what campaigns you have available and which ones you should consider for your funnel.  

We'll also show you how to structure campaigns so that they maximise your conversion rates and drive as many people as possible to your offers inside the funnel... because that's what this is about, maximizing your ROI!

And that's not all... we'll also show you how to craft highly persuasive emails that actually get your list to take action - because, as you already know by now, without action, there are no results in life.  

And to make this super simple for you, we also present all the tools you have at your disposal for email marketing, and even provide you with some unique discounts for some of the very best email marketing providers out there.  

Wohooo! That's It, By This Time You'll Have All The Knowledge Necessary To Create A High-Converting Sales Funnel In 3 Months Or Less!!

Not Yet Convinced?

Check Out What Our Customers Say About Their Results From Applying These Principles - The Same Principles YOU Can Have Access To As Well!


We've Got You Covered: See The Value In 30 Days Or Get 100% Of Your Money Back - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

It's that easy... in 30 days you're either well on your way to financial independence, or you have your money back! How does that sound?

Or... Are you perhaps wondering about these questions:  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast can I make money by applying the information inside this eBook?

The system presented inside is not a get rich quick scheme. Making money online is difficult, and it requires dedication, committment and a multitude of other factors to get right. So merely buying this eBook and reading it does not guarantee that you will make money. This eBook is a system that we have used for many of our clients in building successful, high-converting funnels. Since there are a very vast number of factors that can influence your success, no earnings are guaranteed. However, most customers who have correctly applied the system have been able to see earnings within 1 or 2 months through their sales funnels. Many customers have also been able to significantly improve their existing funnels by applying what we reveal inside the eBook.

2. What other tools/software will I need to apply the principles inside the eBook?

There are a series of helpful tools that we recommend inside the eBook. These include landing page builders, email marketing software, and other tools that we have found to greatly contribute in making the process easier for ourselves and for our clients. Some of these tools do require you to pay a monthly fee, but we have tried to secure discounts for you from the providers wherever possible.

3. How do I get the eBook?

Once you pay through eJunkie, you will be re-directed to the download page (you should also receive a link to the page through email). You have 72-hours to download your eBook. In case anything goes wrong and you don't get properly re-directed or your download link has expired before you managed to secure your copy, please reach out to us directly at office[@] and we'll get it sorted for you ASAP!

4. What if I don't find your content valuable?

No worries - in that case you have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is email us at office[@] and we'll give you your money back no questions asked.

5. Do you provide any additional support?

Yes, you have included as part of buying the eBook a FREE 30-minute sales growth session where we will analyse your business and advise you on what your next steps should be. In addition, should you have any questions about the contents of the eBook, you can always reach out to office[@] and we will reply within 24 hours! :)

6. I have a different question?

In case you have a different question, please email us at office[@] and we will get back to you within 24-hours!

Why Are You Giving Away This Knowledge For Just $47.00?

We are 100% upfront about what we desire: we've seen thousands struggle with funnels, and even more who cannot afford to pay an agency to build a funnel for them.  

So we want to give a helping hand and provide a solution to these passionate entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey, and need access to the KEY information they need to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  

There is enough icecream for everyone - that's what we believe! And we want to share the amazing potential of the internet to help you achieve financial independence, even if you don't have a lot of monetary resources to spend.  


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